Our goals

1. Disease control
2. Caring for victims of Meningitis
3. Rehabilitation 


Disease Control

  • Increase awareness 

  • Vaccine

  • Research


Increase awareness 

We can increase awareness of the disease “Meningitis “ in Jordan by holding lectures and distributing free pamphlets about Meningitis.











 Vaccination is the only public health tool available to prevent the vast majority of HIB disease that causes meningitis.There is no vaccine yet available against all strains of Meningitis. Research continues in many countries abroad to develop vaccines against the most common strains and to find better ways of controlling the disease.

To date, over 40 countries have included HIB vaccines in their expanded programs of immunization.

In October 1998, the JMF received a grant, generously provided by the Embassy of Japan in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to purchase HIB vaccines. Through this grant, the first step was taken to establish a pilot project in East Amman with plans for expansion into a second rural area. The pilot project was estimated to protect approximately 5,000 children from the HIB disease.

However in effect the pilot project vaccinated 20,000 children.

Consequently the Jordanian Ministry of health made the HIB vaccine available as part of the childhood Immunization program.


 Report on the Pilot Project

Rana Al-Najashi
The first child who had a free HIB vaccine in the Pilot Project in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.



We support research and studies which help in controlling this disease. Below is a report on the pilot project in Jordan and a study on the HIB vaccination for children below five. 


Caring for victims of meningitis

  • Financial aid for the  low income households to take care of disabled Meningitis victims.

  • Increased access to aid tools and medication for disabled Meningitis victims.

  • Ensure specialized services for disabled Meningitis victims, both institutions and through the community based on training.

  • Opportunities in education and training for lucky survivors of  Meningitis.


The Embassy of Japan Grant 2004 for JMF rehabilitation Center:

Japanese Project

This project has helped children who have been disabled. These children were previously regarded as hopeless cases, however, through intense physiotherapy, improvement and a more promising  future can be seen from meningitis to be promising cases after being regarded hopeless cases.
Overall, 50-60 children have attended this program that includes physical and occupational therapy.

JMF rehabilitates disabled children under the supervision of a specialized physiotherapist, and with the aid of specialized equipment provided by the donation from the Japanese Embassy, improving mobility for children.

For instance, some children unable to walk previously due to the illness are now able to more freely and attend school regularly.

JMF also runs monthly field trips to family homes, where by a physiotherapist, and the social worker, attend to physical therapy and attend to health sanitation, respectively, and general social and financial well being of the children and their surroundings.

As a result, JMF has proven through reports of physical therapy that children disabled from meningitis may improve in health with physiotherapy and hope is never lost.