• Paintings of Fine art by Artist and the founder of JMF Ms Sana Masri

  • Social Events

  • Bake sales


Around 150 disabled children attend the Foundation. Their disabilities range between the least, blindness to the extreme of complete brain damage.

As a charity we are constantly seeking support and contributions plz contact us. 




Awareness Program
Our Awareness program includes, all the campaign materials to raise awareness regarding the disease, protection from it, and rehabilitation. Since JMF is the only of its type in the Middle East. These materials consist of Flyers, educational Posters, CDs and Tapes. Those materials are provided free of charge.
We welcome aid and donations, to cover the cost of continuous supply of those materials and updating information.

as you may notice on our site and from our goals and achievements Research is an integral part of JMF. It produces a corner stone of our cause, and a continuous updated feedback on our children and their needs, and on the stereotypes about the disease and its therapy. We have two research studies to be implemented. Those studies require the professional and financial aid.

Our center
With the new Rehabilitation center opening ( Japanese Aid of Equipment) the center still requires the following equipment for the successful running of the center and its programs, whereby children are treated both physically and occupationally for free.

Data show
Camera ( video, digital)
To sustain the activities and work of the foundation

Physical Therapy Program
Contribute 20 JDs per month towards therapy for children, to help with medicine, and therapy.