Islam Hassan Abdelaal


Date Of Birth : 22\11\2004

Diagnosis : Flaccid Paraplegia Post Meningitis.

After 3 months he complained from high fever after several days of birth , Islam got very high fever was admitted to the hospital to do number puncture ,and diagnosis as meningitis which lead paraplegia.

Islam admitted to JMF, and after the physical therapy assessment , the following problem was existed:

1. Slightly shorting in the calf muscles in both lower lead to planter flexion at ankle joint.
2. Inability to sit independently, because the poor balance in sitting position.
3. Sever weakness in both upper and lower muscles.
4. Inability to stand also if placed.
5. Inability to crawl on four limbs.
6. Inability to come up to sitting and rolling.

After occupational and physical therapy with professional doctors. By using different method of treatment like weight bearing and balance exercises and strengthening exercises to both upper and lower limbs, after years of treatment the goal was achieved Islam can now sit, stand alone and climb stairs with assistant. he can use his hands in writing and painting. Also He can walk with elbow crutches, he attend government school, living normal and happy life.