Muhammad Al-Tamizi

Physical Therapy report


Date of birth: July,30,1999

Diagnosis ; Post Meningitis spastic quadriplegia .

He was affected by meningitis after immediately after birth. As a result of Meningitis he suffered from spastic Quadriplegia and speech problems .

He was admitted to the JMF and after the physical therapy assessment the therapist found the following problems ;-

1. Mild spastic Quadriplegia.
2. Severe shortening in bilateral hamstring muscles, calf muscles, and adductors.
3. Inability to sit or stand according to the contractures in both lower limbs and poor balance .
4. Good head control .
5. Inability to use his hands in normal pattern according to the spasticity.

Firstly , he was admitted to the home physical therapy program , and after months of treatment he was refered to an orthopedic surgeon for consultation about myotomy to bilateral hamstring and adductors muscles. The surgeon advised to continue with the phsiotherapy only.

After intensive physical therapy we obtain the following ;-

1. He can now sit with very good balance .
2. Increase his standing tolerance up to hour by using standing frame .
3. Decrease the plasticity in both upper limbs by doing several exercises .
4. He can now stand and walk on the parallel bars .
5. Maintain normal muscle length in both lower limbs .
6. Improved his trunk control .
7. He can now walk by using bilateral crutches .

NOTE: The treatment will continue to reach the ideal results .

Physical Therapist
Omar Rashid


Muhammad Al-Tamizi