Mohammed Badwan

Physical Therapy report


Date of birth : August,13,2002

Diagnosis : Post Meningitis Flaccid Quadriplegia

This child was refered to our foundation with flaccid Quadriplegia. After the first assessment , I found the following problems :-

1. Slight shortening in the calf muscles in both lower limbs .
2. Inability to set independently , because of poor balance in sitting position .
3. Severe weakness in both upper and lower muscles .
4. Inability to stand even when placed.
5. Inability to crawl on four limbs .
6. Inability to come up to sitting position.

After several sessions of physical therapy by using different methods of treatment like weight bearing, balance exercises and strengthening exercises to both upper and lower limbs , I turned the following results :-

1. The child can now sit independently with very good balance and uses his hands during sitting position .
2. He can crawl very well on four limbs .
3. There is obvious increase in his muscles power in both upper and lower limbs .
4. He can stand independently if placed on any support .
5. The length of calf muscles is normal .

There has been general progress in HIB case, he can now walk without any assistance.

Physical Therapist
Omar Rasheed


Mohammed Badwan






Now he can stand ,walk and  attend privet school . Now he enjoy a better future.