Mahmod Kurdi (Better Future)

Suffers from post meningitis spastic quadriplegia, the lesion is concentrated in both lower limbs.

Kurdi received a tendon release operation to both the hamstring muscles and calf muscles and adductor muscle.

After the operation, KAFO ; Knee/Ankle/Foot/Ortho’s was used to maintain the full extension of the knee joint and to allow the child to stand.

Kurdi also underwent extensive physical therapy to strengthen the upper limb, improve his trunk control and improve his balance in different positions to be able to walk by using bilateral elbow stretchers and the KAFO device.

All equipment and operation were provided by the JMF Foundation.

Brief summery before joining the JMF:

• Cannot sit or stand if placed
• Full dependent in ADL

• Can walk on parallel bars with moderate assistance from the therapist.
• Can sit independently.

Kurdi also  receives the following at the JMF rehabilitation center

-          Basic educational training (Alphabets and numbers),

-         Speech training


Mahmoud Kurdi

Training in Daily Life Activities (DLA): eating, putting on clothes and using the bathroom.