Sarab, a seventeen year old girl known for her brightness,liveliness, thoughtfulness and creativity was a victim of Meningitis. While she was studying in England 1989,she developed symptoms similar to the Flu (headaches and high fever) and  was admitted to hospital straight away. Not much could be done since the Meningococcal Meningitis (Bacterial type) had already taken its toll. The diagnosis was late and in two hours time, Sarab passed away.

Her death brought great sorrow and heartaches to all her family, friends and relatives.

May Sarab's soul rest in peace.



 Sarab's Song

Painting by Sana Masri



This lament was written by Jane Otaqui, Sarab's  guardian.. Jane was the first one to arrive at the hospital and the only one to see her before she died. Since then she decided to work with National Meningitis Trust.


last photo for Sarab