Amer Omar Jawdat

Date of birth: Feb 8 ,1989

Normal home delivery after nine months pregnancy. The mother took neither medication nor was exposed to X-rays, nor did she have any bleeding or serious diseases during her pregnancy.

After 38 days, the infant contracted Meningitis. The symptoms were: high fever, loss of appetite, and severe spasms.


The mother took him to several doctors, but no one was able to make a correct diagnosis. His condition started to deteriorate, so the mother took him to Al-Bashir Hospital. By this stage, the disease was effecting the brain and the spinal cord. The doctor took some spinal fluid for testing.

The Meningitis left him completely paralyzed, mute, deaf, senseless with no motor activity. He is not even capable of feeding himself.

Zaid's situation is a burden on the whole family especially his mother who has to take care of him and provide for all his needs.